About Us

The Porirua Youth 2 Work Movement is a collective of like-minded people banding together to invest in our young people.


We are working together to help ensure businesses have the skilled staff needed for growth and to secure good employment opportunities for our young people.

Partners Porirua leads the Youth 2 Work Movement with the support of Porirua City Council and guided by the Porirua Youth 2 Work Advisory Group.

Partnering with businesses, educators and the community

We’re giving businesses, educators and the community the opportunity to get on board and make a real difference to our young people – and ultimately to Porirua City.

We’re entering into partnerships with those who put up their hands and make a commitment to our youth.

For businesses

It’s about making sure you have the skilled staff needed for the growth of your companies. Training young people now will avoid skill gaps in the future and help to futureproof your businesses.

For educators

It’s about working together to help ensure better outcomes for students that include good employment and a successful future.

For the community

It’s about young people participating in our city. We know that if they are earning or learning they will be helping to form a healthy community.

The team behind Youth 2 Work

The Porirua Youth 2 Work Movement is really gathering momentum.  We’ve assisted upwards of 80 employers with their recruitment needs and have helped more than 200 young people into employment. It’s time for you to get on board, make a difference and help shape the future of Porirua.

The Porirua Youth 2 Work advisory group provides guidance and support to the movement. Porirua City Councillor Dale Williams, is the chair of the advisory group which includes representatives from:


  • Ngati Toa Rangatira
  • Porirua City Council – elected members and officers
  • Partners Porirua
  • Porirua secondary schools
  • Porirua Chamber of Commerce
  • Work and Income
  • Whitireia New Zealand
  • Compass Health

Michelle Robinson

Executive Director, Partners Porirua

Michelle has been active in supporting youth in Porirua since the formation of Partners Porirua in January 2000. Partners Porirua’s mission is ‘developing youth for the working world’ and as executive director, she was the driving force behind setting up the Porirua Youth 2 Work Movement in 2015. Her key role is building strong relationships with stakeholders to help the Movement grow.

Michelle lives by the beautiful Pauatahanui inlet and in her spare time likes being outdoors, walking and gardening.

e: michelle@partnersporirua.org.nz
t:  04 237 1097

Henry Samia

Projects Manager for Youth 2 Work

Henry has been with Partners Porirua for 10 years. His wealth of experience has seen him work on a wide range of projects with key responsibilities being for driving programmes and linking young job seekers with the Youth 2 Work Movement.

Henry studied at Porirua College, has a degree in Education from Victoria University and has a background in Industry Training.  He is married with two children and attends the Samoan Methodist Church in Porirua.

e: henry@partnersporirua.org.nz
t: 04 237 1097

Jacqui Edwards

Workforce Development Manager

Jacqui joined Partners Porirua in June 2017, and is focused on engaging with businesses and youth to ensure they can benefit from being involved with the Porirua Youth 2 Work Movement.

One of her main focuses is JOBfest, she is looking forward to getting employers and work-ready young people along to JOBfest “talking about work opportunities and expectations”. This will create a stronger understanding of the labour market and will provide better outcomes for Porirua youth. Jacqui spent many years helping local people enter the workforce through her previous Work Broker role at Work and Income.

Taranaki born, Jacqui has lived in Porirua for 17 years and says she loves being part of this awesome city. Jacqui spends her time outside of work attending the Hosanna Baptist Church in Cannons Creek and encouraging her kids’ academic achievements, sport and other activities.

e: jacqui@partnersporirua.org.nz
m: 04 237 1097

Arlyta Huriwai

Operations and Service Support Manager

Prior to joining Partners Porirua, Arlyta gained a wealth of experience in both the corporate and community sectors. As a previous Manager of the Porirua Employment Hub, she has supported many young job seekers into work and her efficient manner along with a sense of humour helps keep the busy team on track.

Arlyta enjoys keeping up with her four children and eight grandchildren, often travelling weekends to visit. Her other favourite pastimes are flax weaving (raranga) and photography (her latest hobby).

e: arlyta@partnersporirua.org.nz
t: 04 237 1097 – 04 237 1099

Rachel Scott

Education Partnership Facilitator

Rachel’s role includes coordinating educational experiences and partnerships between business and schools providing students with ideas and understanding of possible future careers, and preparing them for the working world.

She also facilitates experiences which engage young people in civics helping them to use their voice to make valuable contributions to their community. Rachel is also the facilitator for our parenting courses.

Rachel’s background is in teaching, spanning across primary, intermediate and secondary schools. Rachel lives locally in Porirua East with her two teenage children, is passionate about art and in her spare time enjoys adventures in the great outdoors with her family and friends.

e: rachel@partnersporirua.org.nz
t:  04 237 1097

Mytthius Asa

Youth Liaison and Receptionist

Mytthius joined Partners Porirua in January 2018 and enjoys meeting and greeting clients at the front desk making sure they get the assistance they need. She’s responsible for liaising with youth clients and supporting them to connect, getting their feedback and providing a youth perspective to Partners Porirua work.

Mytthius was recruited into the position through the Youth 2 Work Movement and is now one of the Youth 2 Work Ambassadors, acting as a champion for the programme in the community.

She is a Samoan kiwi and was born and bred in Porirua. Mytthius attended Aotea College, lives in Cannons Creek with her family and is actively involved in her church community.

e: reception@partnersporirua.org.nz 
t:  04 237 1097

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