Success Story - Reds

Youth 2 Work Success Stories

Reds in-house training advantage

Reds wasn’t named as Training Salon of the year in 2010 and then again in 2013 for nothing.

Owner and training manager, Diana Beaufort has a commitment to nurturing her team and in particular her young apprentices.  Currently she has three apprentices in training.

“This is our future – people say to me “but what if you train them up and they leave?” I say, “what if I don’t train them and they stay!” Diana knows which way she would rather have it.

She loves their creativity, ideas and what they bring to the salon.

Reds commits five hours a week to in-salon training for all staff as well as additional training in communications, literacy and numeracy.  “We’re training them to be successful people and be self-managing – we focus on strengths training where we draw out individual strengths.”

The salon operates a mentoring programme where the more experienced team members work with the young apprentices.

James Gill started at Reds through his school’s Gateway programme. He says the programme was an awesome way to try out hairdressing to see if it was a good fit for him.  

“At that stage, my first choice was a career in music but when I came here I found a love for hairdressing and the whole environment at Reds.  Straight away it led to a part-time job at Reds and now I’m just about to complete my apprenticeship.

Ashley Kibblewhite is another of Diana’s success stories. Ashley qualified last year and has built a strong,loyal client base. She is currently fully booked for three months!  She loves the focus on continual learning, goal setting and working in a supportive environment. “It’s great to be where you are having someone supporting you and pushing you and helping you along the way.”

Many of Diana’s past trainees are finding success as award winning stylists and business owners both at a national and international level.